Monday, April 8, 2013

1976 Herfy's San Jose Earthquakes

This set of 18 red-bordered cards was distributed by Herfy's Restaurants in the San Jose area, and are roughly the same size as standard sports cards. Two cards per week were handed out at participating locations. The fronts consist of a large red border and black and white photo. Backs feature short bios and a special offer where cards could be exchanged for merchandise.

According to card backs, one complete set of cards could be exchanged for a Quakes T-Shirt, ten sets for a soccer ball, or eighty sets for a pair of goal nets. Many sets were undoubtedly exchanged for merchandise, as these sets are very difficult to find today. Several noted players appear in this issue, including Julie Veee, Laurie Calloway and Head Coach Gabbo Gavric, who was a kicker for the San Francisco 49ers in 1969.

Examples of this set are rarely found, and like the Herfy's 1975 issue, it is difficult to give the cards an accurate price range because the set rarely trades. We'd guess that $50 would be a good starting point.

1. Julie Vee
2. Buzz Demling
3. Laurie Calloway
4. Mark Demling
5. Gabbo Gavric (Head Coach)
6. Mani Hernandez
7. Art Welch
8. Johnny Moore
9. George Sorgic
10. Paul Child
11. Mark Liveric
12. Jim Zylker
13. Dave Kemp
14. Miro Pavlovic
15. Ilija Mitic
16. John Rowlands
17. Mike Hewitt
18. Mike Ivanow

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