Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1975 Herfy's San Jose Earthquakes

Herfy's hamburger restaurants in the San Jose area gave these cards away in 1975. Complete at 22 cards, little else is known about the set. Cards are not numbered and the backs are blank. Featured in the set are 20 players (Buzz Demling is the subject of two cards) and fan/mascot "Krazy George" is the only non-player (George shows up a few years later in the Tampa Rowdies police sets). The cards are quite a bit larger than the standard size, roughly measuring 5 1/4 inches tall by 3 inches wide. Soccer fans will recognize many players from the era, including Boris Bandov, Gary St. Clair and Dan Counce.

This set is quite scarce and does not come up for sale often. A good starting point value-wise would probably be in the $40 to $50 range.

(1) Boris Bandov
(2) Laurie Calloway
(3) Paul Child
(4) Dan Counce
(5) Derek Craig
(6) Buzz Demling (daytime, kicking)
(7) Buzz Demling (nighttime, heading ball)
(8) Mark Demling
(9) Gabbo Gavric
(10) Mani Hernandez
(11) Mike Ivanow
(12) Dave Kemp
(13) Terry Lees
(14) Ilija Mitic
(15) Johnny Moore
(16) Bill Quiros
(17) Archie Roboostoff
(18) Gary St. Clair
(19) Art Welch
(20) Zee Zaczynski
(21) Jim Zylker
(22) Krazy George (Head Earthquake Rumbler)

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