Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1983 Minnesota Twins Postcard Set

The Twins released a 36-card postcard set in 1983 featuring players, coaches, the Metrodome, and combo cards. Park Press Inc. of Waite Park, Minnesota produced both the postcard set and a regular card-sized team issue for the Twins. Both of these sets contain the same exact lineup of players, coaches, combo cards and Metrodome card -- but the biggest difference (apart from the obvious large versus small size) is that different photos were used for most of cards. Most single player and coach cards in the postcard set have a facsimile autograph on the front, with the two exceptions being Tom Brunansky and Pete Filson. These postcards are not numbered.

Dodgers legend Johnny Podres, who is featured in the set, was the pitching coach for the Twins from 1981-85. He was the World Series MVP in 1955, the only year the Brooklyn Dodgers won the Series.

Sets originally retailed for $5 at the Metrodome and through the Twins mail order catalog, and came shrink-wrapped in clear plastic. Today, the set can usually be found in the $4 to $7 range.

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(1) Tom Brunansky
(2) Randy Bush
(3) Bobby Castillo
(4) John Castino
(5) Ron Davis
(6) Jim Eisenreich
(7) Dave Engle
(8) Lenny Faedo
(9) Pete Filson
(10) Gary Gaetti
(11) Billy Gardner (Manager)
(12) Mickey Hatcher
(13) Brad Havens
(14) Kent Hrbek
(15) Tom Kelly (Coach)
(16) Tim Laudner
(17) Jim Lemon (Coach)
(18) Rick Lysander
(19) Bobby Mitchell
(20) Jack O'Connor
(21) Bryan Oelkers
(22) Johnny Podres (Coach)
(23) Ray Smith
(24) Rick Stelmaszek (Coach)
(25) Scott Ullger
(26) Frank Viola
(27) Gary Ward
(28) Ron Washington
(29) Len Whitehouse
(30) Al Williams
(31) Metrodome
(32) Twins Team Photo
(33) Twins Manager and Coaches
(Kelly, Stelmaszek, Gardner, Lemon, Podres)
(34) Twins Catchers
(Smith, Engle, Laudner)
(35) The Lumber Company
(Brunansky, Gaetti, Ward, Hrbek)
(36) Minnesota's Native Sons
(Laudner, Eisenreich, Hrbek)

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