Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1979 Dallas Cowboys Police

The 1979 season marked the release of the first Cowboys police set. Originally slated to be a 14-card issue, troubled player Thomas Henderson was removed from the set and replaced by fellow linebacker D.D. Lewis in the middle of distribution. Both cards were printed in lesser quantities than the others, but enough were released for both to be considered a part of a complete set. Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach makes an appearance during his last year as a player, and Hall of Fame head coach Tom Landry is the subject of a card for the first time since his 1965 Philadelphia Cowboys "play card." Featuring game-day photos on the fronts, the backs gave "Cowboys Tips" and listed the sponsors (area Kiwanis Club, law enforcement agency, and the Dallas Cowboys Weekly). Cards are not numbered except for player uniform numbers.

The 1979 Cowboys set is not scarce, but was still printed in quantities modest enough to maintain a reasonable value. Today, the set can be found online in the $15 range.

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(12) Roger Staubach, QB
(33) Tony Dorsett, RB
(41) Charlie Waters, S
(43) Cliff Harris, S
(44) Robert Newhouse, RB
(50) D.D. Lewis, LB (shortprint)
(53) Bob Breunig, LB
(54) Randy White, DT
(56) Thomas Henderson, LB (shortprint)
(67) Pat Donovan, T
(79) Harvey Martin, DE
(80) Tony Hill, WR
(88) Drew Pearson, WR
(89) Billy Joe DuPree, TE
Tom Landry, Head Coach

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