Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1977/78 Portland Trailblazers Police

Considered the first "modern" police/safety set, the 1977/78 Blazers issue established the prototype look, size and feel for the majority of future public service giveaway sets. Consisting of fourteen cards (eleven players and three staff members), the semi-glossy fronts feature large game-day photos surrounded by thick, white borders. A Trailblazers logo can be found at the top right of the photos. Backs are white with a square red border surrounding a "Tip from the Blazers" and a basketball term. Near the bottom of card backs is an NBA logo and a line stating, "Courtesy of your area Kiwanis Club and Police Dept." Cards are not numbered except for player uniform numbers, and the year of issue is not mentioned. The majority of the 1976/77 NBA Champion squad is represented, with the key cards being early issues of Hall of Fame center Bill Walton and forward Maurice "The Enforcer" Lucas.

These cards may be a bit tougher to find than most other police sets of the era, but are certainly not scarce. A fair current value for a nice set is in the $25 to $40 range.

(10) Corky Calhoun, F
(13) Dave Twardzik, G
(14) Lionel Hollins, G
(15) Larry Steele, G
(16) Johnny Davis, G
(20) Maurice Lucas, F
(23) T.R. Dunn, G
(25) Tom Owens, C
(30) Bob Gross, F
(32) Bill Walton, C
(36) Lloyd Neal, F
Ron Culp (Trainer)
Jack McKinney (Asst. Coach)
Jack Ramsay (Coach)

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