Thursday, September 10, 2015

Discussing the eTopps Convention Promo Cards

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This past week I added a couple of cool eTopps cards to my collection. As shown in the scans, the two cards appear to be "normal" eTopps cards with two exceptions. First, the cards are housed in sealed PSA-style holders, as opposed to the traditional, smaller eTopps holders. Secondly, both cards feature an embossed gold-foil logo on the fronts, informing us that these cards are "1/1 ANAHEIM." Thanks to the information strips found inside the holders, we know that these cards passed through E-Convention 4, which was held in Anaheim, California on July 29, 2006. 

These promos are apparently regular eTopps cards with the special embossing added, and a quick internet search will reveal dozens and dozens of different eTopps cards, featuring all sports, that have been struck with these kinds of foil convention logos. The Rich Gannon card is from the 2001 eTopps football set, while the Boller is from the 2003 issue. eTopps cards were not individually serial numbered those first few years of production, so I don't know for sure whether these promos do indeed count towards the published total of cards (I am guessing that they do). Speaking of totals, only 327 of the '01 Gannons were released, making this promo a nice find. The'03 Boller is from the peak year of eTopps production numbers, and a hefty 3,189 of these cards were produced. 

I would be curious to know more about these kinds of eTopps promos. I have seen several others from this same 2006 convention numbered to five, as well as several other one-of-ones. Does a checklist even exist, documenting all the different eTopps cards that were grabbed from the warehouse and stamped in this fashion? Let me say that I am aware of eTopps promotional cards that were specifically printed for these conventions. I'm mainly curious about the embossed cards that were printed well before these conventions were ever held. In this case, the 2001 Gannon and 2003 Boller were obviously printed well before the Anaheim convention in 2006.

I'm not sure if collecting these elusive gems is a route I should take, but I'd certainly be willing to add others if the price is right.

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